Snail Walks explained

Snail Walks
The most important guideline for a Snail Walk is the proportion of unpaved paths. Our minimum is 70% unpaved per walk. Most of our hikes can be found in rural Netherlands, far away from hustle and bustle, leading you through nature parks, over farmland and along the waterfront. As far as possible we avoid cycle paths and roads. Snail Walks are in principle accessible by public transport and we take this into account when planning the route. Catering facilities along the way are an important bonus.

We also present a series of 'Stadse Tochten'. These urban Snail Walks are traced through the city's green and blue corridors. Walking along the brook or canal out of the town, through city forest, parks and the suburban fringe. Seventy per cent unpaved is no option on an urban Snail Walk, but we still try to use mostly foot and cycle paths.

List of Snail Walks

The selected hikes have a maximum length of 15 km. You don't have to walk a Snail Walk slowly, but do realise that the walking pace is ideal for getting the feel of the landscape.

You will find an overview of all Trage Tochten online and in the smartphone app WandelZapp (in Dutch).

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