Snail Walk 's-Graveland

Hilverbeek, Jagtlust and Gooilust estates

Versiedatum: 23-04-2024

12 KM

hervormde kerk 's-Graveland, \'s-Graveland


's-Graveland lies on the border of two landscapes: the Gooi lateral moraine with the Vecht lakes against it. Such a landscape border was already a favourite place of settlement for wealthy people in the 17e century. Mayors and rich merchants from Amsterdam had their country houses built here for a pleasant stay in spring and summer. Near 's-Graveland there are ten of them in a row. In this Snail Walk we string together four country estates, all owned by Natuurmonumenten. At the church in 's-Graveland we walk onto the Hilverbeek estate. Stately beech avenues alternate with meadows and ponds. On the other side of Leeuwenlaan, we cross Schoonoord to Jagtlust estate. Like Hilverbeek, Jagtlust was long owned by the rich Six merchant family. The walk via the kitchen garden, the house and the grotto is of great beauty. The house resembles an Italian Renaissance villa. Behind the villa is a turret, a real follie. Gooilust estate is not inferior to this. It was the country residence of damsel Louise Six. Her husband Frans Ernst Blaauw created a lavish garden and even a zoo with wildebeests and kangaroos. We walk along the ornamental garden and through the rhododendron valley. After these highlights, we walk through the Corversbos at the edge of a field. The tour of the estates is briefly interrupted by a Hilversum villa estate, but then continues in Spanderswoud high above the moat dug for Hilverbeek. At the end of the trail, a few more lovely paths along meadows and ponds follow. The trail is lavishly equipped with benches along the path to make the most of the scenery.

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